I have been ridiculously busy over the past month or so and the blog has suffered because of it. I have been trying to graduate from school, work, and make some picks for some side money. I am also "interning" for my current job and I am required to write daily logs. Therefore to do the daily logs I must actually do alot of work. I am done with my sob story now on to some Phillies shittttt.

Last night's game was a tough one to lose. The man that this blog is named after hit a two run homer off of Joe Blanton and that ended up being the deciding hit. My friend over at the House That Glanville Built was highly irritated about Jayson Werth's bullshit swing that lead to a double play. Matt Garza had a no hitter going, but he walked three straight batters to start the inning. Then Jayson Werth comes to the plate and swings at the first pitch and grounds into a 5-2-3 double play. I don't know what he was thinking. Not only does he do the one thing that can ruin a bases loaded no out situation he also keeps the no hitter going for Matt Garza. Can you say momentum?

The Phillies are going to flip JA Happ and Cole Hamels starts this weekend. Cole will now start tomorrow night against the Blue Jays and Happ will start Saturday night. Hamels will now get four starts before the All-Star Break and with the way our other pitchers have been fairing this is a good thing. He will also avoid an 8-day layoff between starts if the rotation remained the same. This change also move Hamels rotation spot so that he will not face the Mets. So ya take the good with the bad I guess.

Tonight Brad Lidge makes his return from the DL and I expect him to be healthy. I think a little time off the knee will really make a difference, in the short term at least. I think that Lidge will have his good stuff for the first couple games back, but this is a nagging injury and the more he works it the more it is going to hurt. Scott Eyre has been out with strained left calf since June 12, but the Phillies are saying he could be back in the next seven to 10 days.

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